Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Learn To Run workshop testimonial

Cardiff running coaching workshop
On Sunday we presented another successful Learn To Run workshop in Penarth, on the outskirts of Cardiff. The goal with our workshop is to teach the runner the steps, principles and drills to enable them to become more successful at running.

The husband and wife duo of James and Lindsay really enjoyed the workshop, here's what James had to say about it:

"We had a great time on the learn to run course with Mark and John. It was fantastic to learn new skills in a fun and laid back atmosphere. They had the balance just right between teaching but not preaching. We'll definitely keep an eye open for future courses"

So if you're a runner in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry or Cowbridge and are contemplating running a 10K, half marathon or full marathon and would like some help with your running technique or your running training plan, check out our Vale Sports Therapy website or contact Mark (Cardiff, Penarth & Barry) on 07947 010276.

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