Friday, 14 December 2012

Wattbike training course

Cycle Coaching Cardiff
Yesterday I attended a Wattbike training course at the Wattbike Training HQ in Evesham. The Wattbike is the world leading indoor training bike that is revolutionising cycling at all levels. It combines scientific accuracy with simple and intuitive operation and is like no other indoor training bike.  It is the first indoor bike that has ever been endorsed by British Cycling and it is now used by elite cyclists, triathletes and adopted by countless other sports including Football and Rugby as the training and testing tool of choice.

The Wattbike feels like ‘real’ cycling and delivers accurate, repeatable and comparable results. The bike can be used for rehabilitation, general fitness, high level training, scientific testing, cross-training and competition. 

The Wattbike is the first training bike to bring elite scientific training to an affordable exercise bike making world class training accessible to home users and gyms.

Beyond cycling, the Wattbike has broader appeal. It is a superb cross-training and talent ID tool for a wide range of sports that want a high quality training alternative, delivering objective data. Therefore, the Wattbike is the most advanced, most accurate training tool available today helping everyone to train less and ride faster.

I really look forward to getting my own Wattbike for training cyclists, triathletes and people of all sporting backgrounds. If you're in Cardiff, Penarth or the surrounding area and would like to know more about the Wattbike email Mark or visit the WhittleFit website. 

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